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Applied Tech Industries (ATI) was established in 1989 and is a leading provider of Aquence™/Autophoretic® coating services. ATI is the only U.S. jobber that provides both Aquence 866 and Aquence 930 coatings. The Aquence™/Autophoretic® process is a unique, water based, environmentally friendly process that is patented by Henkel Corporation, a large multi-national Company. Applied Tech Industries is an approved applicator of these coatings, and has a modern 50,000 square foot plant in Chesterfield, MI. In this plant, we have an 800 Series monorail conveyor line and a large 900 Series Hoist line that is capable of running large parts such as Trailer Hitches, Engine Cradles, and Axle Assemblies. The 900 Series line also has the option for an acid pickle pre-treatment on parts that have had heavy welding or are rusty. This line has a work package of 6’W x 5’L x 5’D and also includes a provision for powder top coating over the Aquence 930 using the new Henkel “Co-cure” process.

Aquence 866
Aquence 866 is a Medium Gloss Black water based coating that is very environmentally friendly, with no heavy metals or VOC's. It is cured at a low temperature (220-240F) which allows the coating of assemblies that contain rubber and plastic parts with no detrimental effects. The paint will adhere only to ferrous materials, so the non-ferrous parts come out of the process clean with no paint trying to stick to the surfaces. White nylon parts can be run through black paint and they come out white. It is used primarily on interior and chassis parts that are subjected to temperatures that don't exceed 250F. The Autophoretic 800 Series provides a very thin and uniform finish that doesn't bridge or otherwise gum up threaded parts or moving parts such as hinges. It also provides excellent corrosion protection and is very chip and scratch resistant.

Aquence 930
Aquence 930 is a Gloss Black, water based, Epoxy Enamel that is also very environmentally friendly, with no heavy metals and very low VOC's. It is cured at a higher temperature (365F), which allows it to be used in application environments up to 450F. It is also very thin and uniform and will adhere only to ferrous material. It also has excellent adhesion on Heat Treated, HSLA, Cast, and high carbon parts. Generally it is used in under hood or other high temperature applications or where the Customer prefers a Glossy finish. In addition, it is very durable and chip resistant, because it is applied directly over the bare metal and has no phosphate layer, which tend to be more fragile. We are also now running the new Henkel “Co-cure” process which uses the Aquence 930 as a prime coat combined with a Powder top coat that are finish cured together to provide an extremely durable, weather resistant coating with 3000 hours of salt spray durability.

Another advantage of Autophoretic coatings is that, because of the unique deposition mechanism, they will coat both the inside and outside surfaces of tubes or parts with boxed sections. This prevents inside out corrosion, which is a common problem with other types of coatings.


Customer Specification  

BMW         GS90011
Chrysler PS 6061
                PF 9968

CNH        86615362
Delphi    DX550900
               ESM IJ 001 
Ford       ESB-M2P133-A
               WSS-M2P153 A1-6
               WSS-M2P177 A1-5
               WSS-M2P177 B1-2
               WSS-M2P177 C1, C2
               WSS-M2P185 A1-8
               WSS-M2P187 A1-2
General Motors
               GMI 60206
Honda HES D2021 Class 1 Grade 1-4
Hyundai/Kia  MS-630-17, PPS 001
ITEC  CEMS G-5, Part V, Grade 57
           TMS9009 Class II
John Deere JDM F17, Level 1
Johnson Controls
Mahindra  F000761
       MES MN600
Mercedes DBL 7391
Nexteer   23244134
Nissan     NES M5083
Paccar     CMT0030, CMT0032
Renault   CORO 300031
Subaru - Isuzu
GIS 2201-21
Tata         SS7652
Tenneco PS152.03
Toyota    TSH 2354G
                TIS 01206-00603
Vibracoustic TES1040


50271 E. Russell Schmidt Blvd. Chesterfield, MI 48051 • Phone:(586) 949-2735 • Fax:(586) 949-2700

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